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Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons

Lessons on Dobro, Weissenborn-style and other non-pedal instruments as well as on pedal steel guitars in both E9 and C6 tuning are available at Steel Guitars of North County.  Instruction by our well-qualified teachers is available by appointment on an hourly basis.  Students of all ages and levels from beginning to advanced will benefit from being exposed to these terrific teachers.  The individual lessons are available at affordable rates and are tailored specifically to each student's needs, playing level, and desired style with emphasis placed on being able to play what the student hears.

E9th pedal steel is taught by Jim Palenscar who has 35 years experience in playing and teaching and has learned from the very best instructors - Jeff Newman, Jay Dee Maness, Buddy Emmons, and Paul Franklin as well as countless other marvelous steel guitar players and teachers.

Kevin Ryan has been playing and teaching E-9th steel guitar for a bazzilion years. Produced "101 Hot and Sassy Steel licks", The video "Steelin from the Steel", The Nashville Wire for Sony, the "Complete Steel Guitar Loops Collection and co-produced JayDee's 2 instructional videos.

C6th pedal and lap steel guitar is taught by local phenom Rick Schmidt who is a world class jazz musician whom we are fortunate to have in our store.  Rick's musical abilities have to be heard to be believed.

Dobro is taught by the amazing Steve Toth whose credentials speak for themselves.