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Pedal Steel Guitar and Product Sales

Due to the fact that our inventory of new and used pedal and lap steel guitars is constantly changing, we have provided a link to the most current list.  Here is a link to our current steel guitar and amplifier inventory and here is a link to the most current teaching courses and recordings inventory. We also stock everything that a steel guitarist could possibly want including:

Quilter Amps … Amazing new Steel Guitar and Guitar Combo Amps… In Stock!     
Pakaseats by Steel Seat
Volume pedals by Goodrich Sound (Including the amazing new OMNI) and Telonics amazing new "Multi-Taper" volume pedal with selectable tapers, etc.
Tone Bars by John Pearse, Shubb Pearse. and Ernie Ball
Picks by ProPix, Golden Gate, Herco, Dunlop, and Zookie
Strings by SIT
Effects by Goodrich(Steel Driver), Heet Sound (EBow), and others
Tuners by Peterson
Cords by George L custom made for every application
Teaching courses from Buddy Emmons, Herb Steiner, Winnie Winston, Mike Perlowin and more.
Recordings by Buddy Emmons,  the Vanduras, Reece Anderson, Mike Johnson, Mike Perlowin, Al Vescovo and many more
Lap Steel Guitars by Supro, National, Rickenbacker, Silvertone, Fender, Gibson, Dickerson, Kay and others
Pedal Steel Guitars by MSA, Emmons, Mullen, GFI, ShoBud, BMI, EMCI, MCI, Star, Infinity, Sierra, Rains, Carp,Carter, ZB, Fessenden, 
      Zum and others
Amplifiers by Peavey, Standel, and Quilter
Pickups by Bill Lawrence, George L, TrueTone, Emmons, MSA, Tone Aligner, Lace (Alumitone), K and K, Baggs and others
Acoustic steel guitars by Weissenborn, Benoit, Asher, Gold Tone, and Vineyard
by various manufacturers
Pedal and knee lever kits
for MSA, Emmons, Mullen, ShoBud, GFI, EMCI, Fessenden, Sierra, Infinity and others