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I would like to acknowledge a few of the folks who have made this dream come true:

My wonderful wife, Karen, who enjoys my playing late at night and whose inspiration is my sustenance.

David Lindley for providing the spark in my interest in the steel guitar with his solo on
Jackson Browne's "These Days" on the album For Everyman in 1973.

Sneaky Pete Kleinow for igniting the torch in 1973 that refuses to go out with his amazing phase-shifted solo in Jackson Browne's version of the song "Take It Easy" on the above cited album.

My good friend Kevin Ryan who has made this website what it is and for putting up with my constant phone calls and changes.

Fred Stevens who, in 1975, ushered me into a band (Powder River) in Davis, California where we were both students.  I had just picked up my 1st 10 string Carvin lap steel guitar and new absolutely nothing about music and away we went!

The wonderful support folks at GoDaddy that held my hand when I just could not bear to call Kevin anymore that day.

Friends like Fran and Frank "if a fella wants it to look a certain way" Carter(Infinity Pedal Steel Guitars), Jay Dee and Luaine Maness(Piks and Bar Music), "Big Jim" and Evelyn Baron(BigJim's Pickin' Tracks), Mark and Carla Giles(Star Steel Guitars and Giles Guitars), Noel and Shirley Anstead (Anapeg Guitars), Rick Schmidt, Maurice and Teresa Anderson(MSA Steel Guitars), David Wright, “King” Curtis and his wonderful wife Cindy Cook (artist extraordinaire) who have all given me more than I could ever begin to repay.

One customer in particular- Wilburn(Bob) Meeks who has visited me almost every week since I opened in 2005 and has kept me going in more ways than one.

Teachers like Jay Dee Maness, Jeff Newman, Buddy Emmons, Maurice Anderson, Paul Franklin and too many more to mention without whose guidance and patience I’d be spinning in the dust still holding onto that C chord for dear life.

Last but not least, God for giving me all the riches that I am blessed with and for giving me asthma forcing a career change from a fantastic life of being able to work with dogs and cats to the wonderful world of the steel guitar.  How could I possibly have deserved all this in one lifetime?